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Caring Economy Campaign

Caring Economy Campaign

Join our Caring Economy Campaign and help CPS in making the invisible visible as we look to the future.

What is the Caring Economy Campaign?
We invite you to join the Caring Economy Campaign to lay the foundations for a more just, sustainable, and caring economy and world. Caring Counts: For People, Prosperity, and the Planet
Caring Economy Leadership Program
The Caring Economy Leadership Program provides materials, training, and support to a committed, growing group of Conversation Leaders who host powerful conversations about The Real Wealth of Nations in their home communities across the United States.
Advisory Council
In addition to CPS staff and consultants, the Caring Economics Campaign is led by our Advisory Council members. Link to more about them and their projects.
Social Wealth Indicators
This project is designed to shift public policy in healthier, more realistic directions. Our first step is developing alternatives to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Join the Campaign Coalition
United we stand, divided we fall? There’s strength in numbers? They’re clichés because they’re true. This time of economic turmoil also offers potential for exponential change. We’re at a pivotal moment in our evolution toward a more caring human community. Working together, we can move our organizations’ shared agendas forward to more effectively and rapidly influence public policy—building a more just, sustainable, and caring future. Join us! See how to get involved and learn about others that have! Watch a webinar, and read our charter and guiding principles! As a coalition committed individuals and diverse, grassroots, research, educational, business, environmental, faith-based, and other organizations, CEC will powerfully influence our economic and social policies at the federal, state and local levels.
Webinar & Videos on Caring Economics
Learn more about caring economics by watching a free 60-minute webinar or a few short videos.
What You Can Do
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Caring Economy Leadership Program

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Kate Daniels

"I would recommend this program to everyone seeking to make change in their communities. Caring Economy sets a clear path for success and the more individuals talking about it, the better chances we have of creating a better tomorrow." - Kate Daniels Kurz, Certified Caring Economy Conversation Leader and Executive Editor of The Women's International Perspective (WIP)



Cultural Transformation Class with Riane Eisler

Speaker's Bureau

Riane1 Arrange for Dr. Riane Eisler or one of our other inspiring CPS speakers to address your organization or conference.  Learn more >>

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Six Steps to Caring Economics
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