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The Caring Economy Leadership Program

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People everywhere are hungry for a new conversation about economics.  

“I thought it was a perfect training program.” – Micki, Pennsylvania

We invite YOU to help lead that conversation.CELP practicum

The Caring Economy Leadership Program prepares you to join a growing international chorus of voices speaking out for a saner, more practical economic system - one that acknowledges that the work of caring for people and the planet is the essential foundation of economic success.

About the Program

The Caring Economy Leadership Training program is a nine-week, seminar-style online course.  Participants engage deeply with the principles of Caring Economics, build meaningful connections with other grassroots leaders from around the world, acquire or expand valuable presentation and facilitation skills, and increase their confidence in speaking about the vital economic role of care and care giving.

After completing the program and earning the Certificate,  program graduates create ongoing opportunities to share Caring Economics with others through presentations, study groups, teaching and writing, and they find ways to integrate the principles of Caring Economics into their work and their activism. Click for a Caring Economy Leadership Training Program flyer.

“I will never forget the feeling of connecting with my cohorts around the globe; the sense of connection, the feeling of a small planet.  This gives me hope that we can reach across the oceans and take the hands of others in need, to extend our caring beyond borders.” – Eve, France 

Caring Economics Conversation Leaders Around the World are Changing

the Conversation About Economics 

During the program, all participants complete a practicum experience, leading a conversation about Caring Economics in a comfortable setting.  The practicum gives students a supported opportunity to personalize their approach to the material and get feedback so that they leave the program feeling confident and fully prepared to continue their work as a Caring Economy Conversation Leader. 

CELP Andre

  • For her practicum experience, author and consultant Olivia Parr-Rud introduced the Caring Economics material to a local Meetup group that gathers monthly in the Philadelphia area.  Bolstered by the positive reception to her presentation, Olivia now plans to book a 350 seat auditorium to host a larger-scale conversation involving people from the Occupy Philly movement and others.  Her presentation also led to an invitation to participate with other community leaders and members of congress in an initiative to create a new constitutional congress in Philadelphia.
  • Tara Wersing, a Professor of Business and Leadership in Madrid, Spain introduced Caring Economics principles to 120 MBA students as part of her practicum work, and looks forward to further integrating Caring Economics concepts into her teaching.
  • While in the program, Andre Cardoso hosted a Caring Economics conversation for 25 college CELP-Lesliestudents, professors, and community members at his university’s Culture Club.  He is now heading to Sweden to further his studies of community-based approaches to economic sustainability.

Certified Conversation Leaders around the world report that people are receptive to and excited by this material.  The time is right to change the conversation about economics!

“My practicum audience got so much out of the presentation; we had a really great conversation.  This material is timely and really ties to things people are thinking about.  I am so grateful to Riane Eisler for opening the door for the rest of us.”   - Jeanette, New Zealand

What is Caring Economics?

RWON Book CoverThe Caring Economy Leadership Program is based on Dr. Riane Eisler’s groundbreaking book, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, which connects the dots between economic success, the well-being of human and natural infrastructures, and the visibility and value we give to the work of care and care-giving.  Dr. Eisler - acclaimed author, activist, and founder of the Center for Partnership Studies - reveals how our current economic systems both reflect and perpetuate our inherited cultural legacy of domination. Caring Economics offers a deeply practical new economic thinking that recognizes the foundational role of caring in both human development and economic success.  

The Caring Economy Leadership Program prepares you to:

1.   Make the case for the kinds of economic indicators we need to effectively measure the health of our human and natural infrastructures

2.   Show why investment in human growth and development is the key to economic success in our new economic era

3.   Articulate specific cultural and policy changes that are critical to economic success and higher quality of life

4.   Explain why the status of women and girls is a stronger predictor of a nation’s long-term economic success and quality of life than the GNP

5.   Invite audiences to take local action to make the work of caring and caregiving more visible and valued

Becoming a Caring Economics Conversation Leader has allowed me to interact directly with Riane Eisler and gain a deeper insight into the partnership model of society described in her book, The Real Wealth of Nations, Even better, I was given the tools to share this information in a meaningful and powerful way, and look forward to being part of the effort in bringing about a more caring and just world. – Susan, Oregon

 The Caring Economy Leadership Program Includes:

  • Seven, 90-minute, professionally facilitated online lecture and discussion sessions, including a tshirtspecial session devoted to live Q&A with Dr. Riane Eisler.
  • Access to a scripted slide presentation that can be customized for local audiences
  • A toolkit of facilitation guides and step-by-step activities to build audience engagement
  • A supported practicum experience through which students have an opportunity to present Caring Economy messages in their own voices 
  • Opportunities to join the growing international community of Certified Conversation Leaders, with ongoing access to resources and invitations to special gatherings and events.
  • Dedicated online resource center, The Conversation Leader Information Center (CLIC!) blog.

“Thanks for the excellent organization and facilitation, very good resources to use in the future, and respect for diverse ways of carrying the message forward.” – Teddie, Minnesota

Choose from Two Tracks

The Caring Economy Leadership Program includes a Real Wealth Track for those who want to reach audiences with a broad focus on economic success and better quality of life for everyone, and a Women’s Empowerment Track for leaders specialized in reaching groups interested in raising the status of women, developing women’s leadership and economic empowerment.

“The people I connected with on this experience will stay with me as I move forward with caring economic models in my world.” – Bernice, Ireland

Program Cost

Tuition for the seven-session, nine-week program is $345.00 US.  The Center for Partnership Studies offers a limited number of scholarships, which you may apply for as a part of your program application.

To apply, simply:

1.   Review the 2012 schedule and select the cohort group you wish to join.

2.   Complete the program application.

3.   You’ll be notified of program acceptance and any scholarship awards within two weeks of submitting your application.  

4.   To reserve your space in the course, you will then register and pay a $70.00 non-refundable deposit.  The remainder of your tuition will be due three weeks prior to the first class session.  (Please see the schedule for the relevant dates specific to your cohort group.)

“The program leaders did a great job of not only guiding the weekly sessions, but commenting on, asking questions of, and making connections with each cohort member.  They honored and validated each person's individual process.”  – Mundy, California

Want More Information?


Program Overview and FAQ

Week-by-Week Guide to the class sessions

Facilitator Bios


CELP Flyer

Apply Now 

If you have questions that are not answered by these materials, please contact Ann Amberg at:

To receive e-mail updates about the program, please add your name to our mailing list.

You may also check out The Conversation Leader Information Center: (CLIC!) blog.

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Kate Daniels

"I would recommend this program to everyone seeking to make change in their communities. Caring Economy sets a clear path for success and the more individuals talking about it, the better chances we have of creating a better tomorrow." - Kate Daniels Kurz, Certified Caring Economy Conversation Leader and Executive Editor of The Women's International Perspective (WIP)



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